1. Find the products

You can find our products sorted by category in the product tree on the left. You can also use the search function that you find above the product tree.

2. Place the products in the cart

Once you find a product you want to buy, place it in the cart by clicking the “ADD TO” button.

3. Go to checkout

The shopping cart is located at the far end of the page. Here you can always see the total amount. When you are satisfied with your choices, click the “TO CASS” button. You can also press “SHOW CUSTOMER” to see what items are in your shopping cart.

4. Log in / New customer

Enter your username and password. Then press “CONTINUE”.

If you are a new customer, enter your email address and press “CONTINUE.” Fill out your details and press “CONTINUE”.

5. Complete the purchase

Choose payment method and check your information. Accept the purchase terms and press “CONTINUE” to complete the purchase. You will now receive an order confirmation directly in your email.

Bonus: Discounts

All discounts are deducted at checkout.

You can also see the discounts if you have logged in, then you can tap “SHOW CUSTOMER”.

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