Price and Payment

Prices are quoted in Swedish Kronor. Shipping is always included. RC Webshop AB is entitled to change offer prices without prior notice. Between the customer and RC Webshop AB, the agreed price applies unless otherwise specifically agreed.

Orders under a value of 200kr are not sent by postage, we can send orders under 200kr but with advance payment. This is to keep costs down for both the customer and us.

For private individuals, sales are made via the Webshop for postage or busgoes with applicable fees.

For sale to an authorized or a minor, the goalkeeper’s written approval is required.

In case of payment delays, annual default interest on outstanding amounts will be deducted from the maturity date with 23% plus current reference rate (previous discount). Unpaid packages will be charged a fee of 200 SEK plus VAT and shipping costs. If the fee is not paid within the deadline, the invoice will be sent to debt collection.

Foreign customers

For our foreign customers, RC Webshop AB requires that the purchase price plus shipping costs be prepaid to the following account IBAN: SE7380000008314732423865
BIC / SWIFT: SWEDSESS. Otherwise, all our other terms apply.


For consumer rights to repurchase, such as the right of withdrawal, see “Consumers’ right of withdrawal on distance contracts.” In order to be out of the ordinary range, whose original packaging is not broken or otherwise damaged, RC Webshop AB accepts repurchases for 10 days from the invoice date. Items in which the original packaging has been destroyed / disappeared, components are missing and / or when the item is used is not repurchased. Repurchases are not accepted for batteries and other consumables / wear items.

In case of repurchase, Customer shall replace RC Webshop AB shipping costs. Exceeds the value of the repurchase 1000 SEK excluding VAT, a repurchase fee of 200 SEK plus VAT will be paid. Shipping and repurchase charges charge the customer’s credit at RC Webshop AB or billed separately.

In case of repurchases, the customer must contact RC Webshop AB on telephone 0510 – 215 10 or by e-mail [email protected] and provide order and invoice number for a return number. Please note that return receipt is not an approved buyback. The return is valid for 14 days during which time the product must have arrived RC Webshop AB. Upon return of the goods, the return to RC Webshop AB must be paid and the order form, invoice and valid return number must be included. The product must be well packed in Post-approved outer packaging (eg brown corrugated cardboard). Returns received from RC Webshop in envelopes or without approved outer packaging are returned to the customer without action as these can not be approved for repurchase. If the freight is not paid or if no return or other action is missing, the goods are returned to the customer without action.

The buyback is approved only when RC Webshop AB has received and verified the product and found it to be submitted in accordance with the above terms. As regards consumer right to repurchase, ie the right of withdrawal, see “Consumer (Private Persons) right of cancellation on distance contracts”.

Konsument (privatperson) right of cancellation on distance contracts

Consumers are in the process of making consumer protection on distance contracts, etc., in some cases entitled to withdraw a purchase by leaving or sending a notice to RC Webshop AB within 14 days from the date the consumer received the item or a substantial part thereof . However, the right of withdrawal does not apply to batteries and consumables / wear parts when packaging has been broken / opened. Breaking / opening also refers to technical sealing (eg serial number). Right of withdrawal is valid only if the original packaging is in a substantially unchanged condition.

If a consumer wishes to withdraw a right of withdrawal, it is recommended to contact RC Webshop AB on telephone 0510 – 215 10 or e-mail [email protected] and state order or invoice number.


RC Webshop AB is entitled to change the discount rate without prior notice. RC Webshop AB has the right to change which goods are subject to the discount without prior notice.


Warranties on the product are provided by the respective manufacturers. Warranty does not apply to batteries and other consumables / wear parts. Deferred goods for negligence do not apply to warranty. Shipping cost to RC Webshop AB is paid by the customer. We will return warranty repairs at no charge. Guarantees must be returned in original packaging and well packed in mail-approved packaging (eg brown corrugated cardboard). Any transport damage caused by defective packaging will be charged to the customer. RC Webshop AB reserves the right to product control of the product and to charge a test fee of 200 SEK plus VAT if the product is not incorrect and no claim is accepted.

In relation to the consumer (private person)

In the case of sales to consumers (private individuals) the following applies to the consumer purchases. RC Webshop AB may upon purchase made by the consumer rectify the error or make a transfer if it can happen without undue cost or inconvenience to RC Webshop AB. RC Webshop AB has at are always entitled to remedy the error at their own expense or make a repatriation. Under certain conditions, consumers have the opportunity to receive compensation for damage. Otherwise, reference is made to the Consumer Buyments. Other. Facts and prices are provided with reservation for printing errors, price increases of suppliers, etc. improperly stated technical specifications, etc., as well as for final sales. All names, designations, etc., appearing on RC Webshop AB’s website are registered trademarks, if any. The information provided by this does not constitute and manifest any assertion of usability, suitability, warranty, other than RC Webshop AB reserves the right to change all information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications and product offerings without prior notice. This published facts and price data, documents, graphics, etc. may include technical and / or graphic and typographical errors. RC Webshop Ab disclaims all responsibility for any such information as well as other referenced information and / or documents within or linked to this publication.