What is the Most Important Quality to Prioritize When Looking for Android Tablets for Drawing?

Globally, more than 1.1 billion tablets are in use today. The number is quite impressive considering that tablets are a relatively new entrant in the market compared to PCs and laptops. Tablets are mobile devices. You can use a tablet for learning, entertainment, communication and making new inventions. Tablets also serve artists well, which is where the android tablet for drawing comes in. It is worth pointing out that a drawing tablet is a graphics tablet. Therefore, any tablet you buy for drawing needs to have all the relevant graphics features. Therefore, what qualities should you prioritize in an Android tablet that you use for drawing?


You need the right size of a tablet. The right size could mean a different thing to different people. For some, the right size means a tablet they can fit into a bag and take off on a journey without feeling any discomfort. In many cases, the right size means small tablet. Other people are interested in large tablets. Here, size does not refer to the size of the stylus pen. Instead, it refers to the size of the actual pad. Tablets range from 4 inches x 6 inches to 9 inches x 12 inches.
It is easier for you to work on larger tablets. Small tablets, on the other hand, are more affordable and highly portable.

Pressure Sensitivity

A good Android tablet responds well and fast to the pressure applied through the Stylus Pen. A pressure sensitive tablet will have little difficulty differentiating between hard and light strokes thus making it perfect for painting and drawing. The higher the sensitivity, the simpler it is for users to adjust the thickness of the lines they are drawing. Consequently, this allows you to enjoy a more natural and hands-on experience while drawing. It is worth stating that pressure sensitivity is not a major factor for light drawing and painting. Professional artists and designers will always choose tablets with enhanced pressure options.


How compatible is your preferred Android tablet? Compatibility is an important consideration in a tablet. A good tablet is compatible with the system you are operating. Check if it can connect with the laptop or PC you use. In some cases, the tablet connects with laptops and PCs through USB connectors, Wi-Fi, or optional Bluetooth. Before choosing any tablet, check the hardware capabilities of your laptop or PC first. Check the connectivity options too to determine if the tablet is worth buying.

Compatibility also has to do with software support. Do not ignore the support it offers for the pen as well as other accessories too. Finally, the market is full of different types of Android tablets you can choose. There are enough options, brands, and models to choose based on your preferences and needs. Feel free to buy a used tablet if you consider new models too costly for you. Do a bit of research too to ensure you get the best tablet, so your drawing does not suffer. Visit Secret Asian Man for more information on the best Android tablet for drawing.

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